Centre for Micro-Photonics

Multidimensional optical data storage

In the consumer data storage market, the need for faster and high capacity optical storage systems is ever growing. Current technology to reduce the written bit size and increase data capacity is already approaching the limit imposed by the resolution limit of light.

Our research efforts to overcome this problem have successfully demonstrated ~1.1Tbits/cm3 by recording data bits in five dimensions using plasmonic gold nanorods. This was made possible by introducing spectrum and polarisation dimensions to the recording.

We also recently successfully demonstrated multilayer recording and readout using electron beam lithographed gold nanorods. In this we used a detuned surface plasmon readout scheme to read deeper layers of information with a continuous wave laser. Using this technique we aim to develop more than 20 layer recording medium.

This project is in collaboration with Professor Taniguchi at Tokyo University of Science. It uses a combination of electron beam and nanoimprint lithography techniques to fabricate large areas (> 1cm2) of high density medium.

Research staff

Project leader: Associate Professor James Chon