Centre for Mental Health

Postgraduate students

The Centre for Mental Health supervises a number of PhD students. 

NameThesis / project title
Joshua Gold The Psychophysiology of Flow States
Yan Yang

Targeting vulnerability of self-concept in bipolar disorder: An investigation of self-compassion and nonattachment to self as therapeutic mechanisms

Chelsee Garrett

Long-term learning from touchscreen technology

Molly Fitzpatrick

Hoarding Disorder: Current Treatment and Future Directions

Stephanie Louise

An investigation of mindfulness as a therapeutic tool for the distress and disruption associated with hearing persistent voices.

Zalie Merrett

The role genes play in language and affective function in psychosis

Sarah Brennan

Traumatic Childhood Experiences and Auditory Voice Hallucinations (AVH)

Monique Scott

Responses to negative voice content in persons with auditory verbal hallucinations

Siobahn Marie James

Investigating touch screen technology as a medium for delivering interventions for children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder

Brittany Huber

Touch screen media use and cognition in young children

Jamie Byrne

The circadian mechanisms of mood.

Bronte Macleod

Processes of internalised stigma associated with perceptions of severe mental illness

Emma Morton

The Construct and Measurement of Quality of Life in Bipolar disorder

Selma Music

The trajectory of trauma: an integrative approach 

Maree Reser

Investigating factors that influence the efficacy of cognitive remediation therapy in a chronic schizophrenia sample

Kate FitzGerald

Attachment and Reassurance Seeking in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder

Sean Carruthers

The Muscarinic Cholinergic System and Cognition in Schizophrenia

Phillip Sumner

An investigation of Neurogenetic Factors in Formal thought Disorder

Imogen Bell

Advancing Psychological Interventions for Treatment of Auditory Hallucinations in Schizophrenia

Annabel Avrahami

Homework Compliance in Online Psychotherapy for OCD

Sally Grace

A multi-sensory investigation of body dysmorphic disorder

Anthony Carlsson


Sarah Fraser

Does insecure attachment mediate the relationship between Cyclothymic temperament and relationship satisfaction?

Jessica Guy

Evaluation of the effectiveness of educational apps for children with and without an Autism Spectrum

Ariel Roxburgh

The Interplay of Anxiety, Behavioural Inhibition, and Impulsivity on Addiction and its Underlying Neural Correlates

Celeste Tipple

Exploring a Source Theta-based Neurofeedback Protocol in Mood, Dorsal Dentate Gyrus Functioning and Neurogenesis

Claire Peck

Using Mobile Device Based tools to Enhance Self-Management in Psychosis

Chelsea Elizabeth Arnold

Online peer modelling as an intervention for persisting auditory hallucinations

Dororthea Martin

Altruism of Infants and Children

Benjamin Shields

The effectiveness of neurofeedback as a treatment for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) populations

Rachel Brand

Trauma-focused interventions for auditory verbal hallucinations:  feasibility, efficacy and mechanisms of change

Francesca Beilharz

A Novel Eye tracking Intervention for Body Image Disorders:  A Comparison of Body Dysmorphic Disorder and Anorexia Nervosa

Caitlin Yolland

N-Acetyl Cysteine (NAC) in schizophrenia resistant to Clozapine:  A Double Blind Randomised Placebo Controlled Trial Targeting Negative Symptoms

Toni Pikoos

Uncovering the Neural Correlates of Response Inhibition in Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder and Body Dysmorphic Disorder using high-resolution magnetoencephalography

James Karantonis

Mapping Cognition to Brain Structure in Psychosis

Eleanor Bailey

Development of self-harm response guidelines for secondary schools: A Delphi study

Hailey Tremain

Centre stage: An investigation of the role of stage of illness in psychosocial interventions for Bipolar Disorders

Ali Kodsi

Sleep Problems in Young People:  Assessing Impact on Mental Health, Behaviour and Educational Outcomes

Paola Araiza Alba

Reasons why children diagnosed with ADHD can pay attention to video games and what type of videogames can help them to increase their attention levels

Jacqueline Tassone

The neural basis of auditory verbal hallucinations in psychotic disorders

Alexandra Gaillard

The neural basis of stop-signal inhibition in schizophrenia

Urszula Bobrowski

Does Carrying FoxP2 risk gene (result in) predict poorer neuro cognition/language symptoms in patients with schizophrenia

Sampathawaduge Sandun Malpriya Silva

Innovative Statistical Methods to Evaluate and Model Corporate Physical Activity Programs: The Global Corporate Challenge 100 Day Journey

Benjamin Slade

Investigating neural processing and neuroplastic changes in mild cognitive impairment using music therapy: A magneto-encephalography study

Reneta Slikboer

The relationship between trichotillomania phenomena and quality of life, client treatment experiences and assessment of a support program

Carla McEnery

Comic Relief: Targeting Social Anxiety in First-Episode Psychosis 

Neil Lucas

Exploring the Predictors of Social Anxiety Disorder among HIV+ Gay Men

Julia Cheah

One size does not fit all: How to better meet the needs of young people in early psychosis

Amanda Daluwatta

Understanding depression and barriers to treatment-seeking in Sri-Lankan Australians