This research program focuses on the intersection between the applied study of data-oriented and smart technologies, and their translation into tech-enabled business models.

Financial technologies innovation is a rapidly evolving new breed of technology-driven financial offerings that will lead to changes in business models for customer-led innovation and improved end-user service experience. It brings together disconnected trends that are dramatically challenging incumbent financial services firms: mobile payments, marketplace financing, analytics and risk management, robo-advisers, smart contracts and cryptocurrencies. 

This type of innovation is built upon a distributed model that aligns technology with the development of new services, encouraging customer value and centricity. It brings a different logic that is causing fundamental changes in the structure and purpose of business, driving new ways to meet changing customer needs by understanding their behaviour and expectations and forging innovation partnerships.

Program themes

Machine learning and augmented finance

We’re developing tools and methodologies specifically embedded within the artificially intelligent corpus of financial services (such as chatbots and conversational interfaces, algorithmic advisors, and virtual and augmented reality financial services) to provide financial services institutions with a seamless, secure and innovative customer experience.

RegTech (regulatory technology)

We’re developing machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) systems in line with the regulatory and compliance requirements of data-driven finance, providing greater assurance around:

  • Increased efficiency of advanced data analytics

  • Enhanced regulatory reporting

  • Automated performance monitoring of regulatory sandboxes and landing pads.

Financial technologies on campus 

We’re developing innovative strategies for FinTech innovation to flow into higher education curriculums through cross-industrial teaching and learning models conducive to career-ready FinTech professionals.

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