Centre for Human Psychopharmacology

Memory and Brain Imaging Study

Researchers at the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology are investigating hippocampal structure and function in cognitive aging and are searching for healthy participants with no memory concerns. Eligible participants will be asked to attend two study sessions and undergo a MEG and MRI scan.

You may be eligible if:

* You are aged over 55 years

* You are NOT experiencing problems with your memory

* Have not been diagnosed with dementia

* You are in good general health

* You are willing to provide blood, faecal and urine samples throughout the study

All study-related visits and tests will be provided to you at no cost and you will be compensated ($40 per session) for your time.

Note: this trial has finished recruitment and study findings will be available soon.


The CANN team
e: cann@swin.edu.au
Rebecca King
p: 03 9214 5861