Centre for Human Psychopharmacology

About us

The Centre for Human Psychopharmacology conducts world-leading research exploring the cognitive and mood effects of natural substances, pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs and dietary interventions across the human lifespan.

We aim to understand the fundamental aspects of neurocognitive change and to use methodologies of applied human psychopharmacology to enhance human cognition, behaviour and emotion.

We also strive to educate the public on the efficacy and safety of natural medicine and recreational drugs on the brain.

Our research focus

We address five key areas of research:

  • natural substances for cognition and mood enhancement
  • pharmaceutical and natural treatments for neurocognitive ageing
  • the immediate and long-term effects of recreational and prescription drugs on the brain
  • the impact of recreational and perscription drugs on applied behaviours such as driving
  • the effects of anesthetics and other psychoactive compounds on human brain dynamics.

Funding our work

Our research is funded through national competitive grants, industry funds, charitable foundations and industry-based consultancies and advisory activities.
Over the past few years, we have attracted more than $7.5 million in funding to help us continue our research while supporting and developing the next generation of researchers.