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Upcoming events

Health Literacy Development with Ophelia Masterclass

Event dates: 25–26 May 2023

Join us in a two-day masterclass led by Distinguished Professor Richard Osborne – the globally recognised founder of health literacy development and the Optimising Health Literacy and Access (Ophelia) process.

This masterclass is for managers, executives, health professionals, health planners, policy makers, researchers and those active in health promotion and community services.

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Past events

Connecting with Tomorrow: Enhancing Health Literacy, Eliminating Inequity

Event dates: 25–27 November 2019

The Centre for Global Health and Equity is running an intensive 3-day masterclass in how to develop fit-for-purpose interventions to reduce inequities in who can access and use health services. The masterclass is designed for:

  • managers
  • executives
  • health professionals
  • health planners
  • policy makers
  • researchers
  • anyone active in health promotion and community services.

The latest health literacy research and practices will inform the masterclass, including:

  • the Ophelia (OPtimising HEalth LIteracy and Access) process, which allows you to identify and respond to health literacy needs.
  • our popular Health Literacy Questionnaire (HLQ), which enables needs assessment, evaluation, and quality improvement.

By the end of the masterclass, you will:

  • understand the scope and determinants of health literacy
  • be able to design your own health literacy intervention
  • recognise the role of health literacy in health inequity
  • be ready to apply the Ophelia process to implement and evaluate inventions in your setting
  • know how to use the HLQ to identify diverse health literacy challenges
  • be familiar with participatory and place-based approaches to health literacy (organisational and community)
  • have been exposed to international perspectives in health literacy policy and practice.

Your facilitators are:

  • Professor Richard Osborne
  • Associate Professor Roy Batterham
  • Dr Shandell Elmer

For more information and group registrations, contact Kerrie Paulger at ghe-capacitybuilding@swin.edu.au or visit the Eventbrite registration page at healthliteracymasterclass.eventbrite.com.au.