Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science

Victimisation postgraduate projects

Our postgraduate students are examining victimisation and how to improve early intervention, prevention and treatment.

Nina Papilia

The long-term consequences of child sexual abuse: Exploring victim to perpetrator and victim to re-victim trajectories

This research will investigate the link between child sexual abuse and subsequent offending and re-victimisation. It will consider the extent to which other clinical outcomes (e.g., mental illness, drug abuse, unnatural death) may co-occur with or mediate the relationship between abuse and offending and re-victimisation.

Ahona Guha

Assessing the health and socioeconomic burden of child sex abuse

This study aims to use a historical cohort design to assess rates of healthcare use in victims of child sexual abuse and the association between exposure to abuse, mental health disorders and physical health outcomes.