Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science

Culture, psychology and law postgraduate projects

Linda Ashford (Doctoral)

Advancing cross-cultural approaches to violence risk assessment

This project explores the cross-cultural utility of the LS-RNR risk instrument in a sample of offenders in custody. The research will also test whether the notions of cross-cultural fairness and predictive accuracy can co-exist across groups with differing base-rates of offending.

Samantha Venner (Hons)

Exploring the cross-cultural utility of the YLS/CMI:SRV

This study aims to gather perspectives of justice workers from multi-cultural backgrounds on the cultural utility of the YLS/CMI-SRV. The study also aims to examine cultural bias among clinicians when using the YLS/CMI-SRV.

Samantha De Silva (Doctoral)

Cross-cultural perspectives on Intimate Partner Violence

This study aims to explore the characteristics of intimate partner violence for South Asian-Australians. 

Arran Rose (Doctoral)

Assessing the Mental Health of Multi-Cultural Prisoner Populations: A Cross-Cultural Comparison with Culturally and Linguistically Diverse, Indigenous and English Speaking Background Prisoner Groups

The study examines key mental health factors across CALD, Indigenous and ESB prison populations, as well as the effect of a short-term psycho-education therapy program on the mental health of cross-cultural prison groups.

Veronica Meredith (Doctoral)

Predicting recidivism in a female multi-cultural offender cohort.

This study explores the validity of the LS-RNR risk instrument with females in custody in Victoria.

Bella Warner (Hons)

Inter-cultural offending and differential diversion

This study explores the impact of perpetrator-victim cultural backgrounds on the likelihood of receiving diversion for first-time young offenders in New South Wales.

International student members:

  • Isabel Williams (University of Warwick)
  • Justin Cho (Johns Hopkins University)