Centre for Forensic Behavioural Science

Aggression and violence

Acts of aggression and violence, including assault and homicide, represent some of the most harmful of all antisocial behaviours. They are associated with substantial personal and social concerns. They also have an enormous financial impact, costing economies billions of dollars each year in health care, legal and justice system costs, absenteeism from work, and lost productivity. Given the extent of the burden resulting from aggression and violence, it is critical we devote attention and resources to the development of violence prevention and intervention programs that can successfully reduce violent behaviour.

Our research into aggression and violence focuses on:

  • the assessment, treatment and management of violent offenders
  • the assessment of risk for violent offending
  • the relationship between mental disorder and violence
  • the development of theory and the application of theories and models of aggression and violence to clinical and forensic practice.

We have a long record of collaborating with general and forensic mental health and correctional services. We enjoy particularly strong relationships with the Victorian Institute of Forensic Mental Health (Forensicare) and Corrections Victoria.

Key current projects in this area including studies exploring:

  • the relationship between personality disorder and violence
  • violence risk assessment and management procedures
  • violent offender treatment evaluation
  • the violent offending of people with mental illness.

Research staff

Chair: Professor Michael Daffern

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