Swinburne University of Technology and Shandong University (Weihai) offer study opportunities for PhD research students. We invite PhD applications in the area of advanced manufacturing under the Joint Research Centre. 

Our focus research areas are advanced manufacturing materials, 3D printing, biomedical devices and medical manufacturing; electronics manufacturing; and automation and mechatronics manufacturing.

Research degrees

PhD research degrees are available at the Joint Research Centre in Advanced Manufacturing with Swinburne University of Technology and Shandong University.

The model for PhD students involves:

  • enrolment at Swinburne but based in China
  • supervision by a Swinburne principal coordinating supervisor and a Shandong University coordinating supervisor
  • access to facilities at both universities
  • opportunities to work on industry projects at Weihai Economic and Technological Development Zone
  • a visit to Swinburne for up to 18 months during candidature.

Upon completion of your PhD, you will receive a formal degree certificate from Swinburne. 

PhD topics and supervisors

Read about our research focus on advanced manufacturing materials.  

Professor Bronwyn Fox: Carbon fibre manufacturing; Surface treatment of fibres; Three dimensional preforms for complex composite components; Out-of-autoclave cure of composites; Structure-property relationships in polymers; Nanocomposites and natural fibre composites. 

Professor Alan Kin Tak Lau: Nanomaterials; Nanostructured materials; Construction materials; Nanostructured. 

Dr Nishar Hameed: Nanostructured materials; Composites. 

Associate Professor Aimin Yu: Nanostructured materials; Colloids and interface science; Analytical chemistry; Surface analysis; Graphene. 

Professor Guoxing Lu: Mechanics of materials; Impact engineering;  Advanced structural engineering; Additive manufacturing.

Professor Dong Ruan: Dynamic properties of materials; Characterisation of materials. 

Professor Xiaodong Huang: Topological optimisation; acoustic performance of metamaterials

Professor Chris Berndt: Engineering; Coatings technology; Biomaterials such as orthopaedic devices; Failure of materials; Thermal spray; Nanotechnology.

Professor Feng Wang: Scientific computing and visualisation; Molecular modelling; Theoretical and computational chemistry; Molecular spectroscopy; Computer guided materials design.

Professor Mrinal Bhave: Antimicrobial peptides; Nanotechnology in agricultural and environmental applications.

Dr Nisa Salim: Advanced carbon materials and functional fibres; Nanomaterials; Nanostructured Materials; Graphene; Materials Science; Polymers at Interfaces

Professor Geoff Brooks: Steelmaking; Aluminium production; Magnesium production; Sustainable mineral/ metals; High temperature processes; Green processing; Extractive metallurgy; Solar metallurgy.

Professor M Akbar Rhamdhani: High temperature materials processing; Phase equilibria; Advanced metals/materials refining and impurities removal; Extractive metallurgy; Resource efficiency; Recovery of metals from alternative and urban ores; Solar processing of metals and materials; 3D printing fundamentals.

Read about our research focus on 3D printing.

Professor Syed Masood: Rapid prototyping; Additive manufacturing; Rapid manufacturing; Fused deposition modelling; Direct metal deposition; Rapid tooling.

Associate Professor Yvonne Durandet: Additive and near net shape manufacturing; Manufacturing processes; Materials characterisation; Surface engineering; Thermal spray and laser processing. 

Dr Mats Isaksson: Manufacturing processes; Automation and control systems.

Dr Peter Mahon: Analytical chemistry; Materials science; Mathematical modelling; Electrochemistry.

Professor M Akbar Rhamdhani: 3D printing fundamentals.

Professor Paul Stoddart: Nanotechnology; Sensor technology; Biomedical engineering; Biophotonics; Applied optics; Biomimetics.

Professor Sally McArthur: Surface chemical characterisation.

Professor Simon Moulton: Graphene; Materials science; Bioreactors and tissue engineering; Biointerface engineering.

Professor Peter Kingshott: Nanofabrication; Bioreactors and tissue engineering; Microbiology; Nanobiotechnology; Biointerface engineering; Surface engineering.

Dr Mahnaz Shafei: Nanomaterials; Materials science; Sensor technology; Nanotechnology.

Dr Huseyin Sumer: Biochemistry and cell biology; Physical chemistry (including structural).

Dr Peng-Yuan Wang: Nanofabrication; Nanostructured materials; Biomedical science; Biotechnology; Colloids and interface science; Materials science; Nanobiotechnology; Cell biology and biochemistry; Bioreactors and tissue engineering.

Professor Feng Wang: Scientific computing and visualisation; Molecular modelling; Theoretical and computational chemistry; Molecular spectroscopy; Computer guided materials design.

Associate Professor Aimin Yu: Nanostructured materials; Colloids and interface science; Analytical chemistry; Surface analysis; Graphene.

Professor Baohua Jia: Photonics; Solar energy harvesting; Nanomaterials and nanostructures; Optical communication devices; Nonlinear optics; Graphene.

Professor Saulius Juodkazis: Plasmonic light-field enhancement spectral control for applications in sensing; Solid-state lighting; and Solar energy conversion.

Associate Professor James Chon: Nanophotonics; Nanoplasmonics; Biophotonics; Applied optics; Multidimensional optical data storage; Graphene; Cell biophysics; Nanomaterials; Ultrafast laser science and spectroscopy.

Read about our research focus on automation and mechatronics manufacturing. 

Professor Qing-Long Han: Artificial intelligence and image processing; Applied mathematics; Electrical and electronic engineering.

Professor Zhenwei Cao: Industrial control and automation; Real time signal and data processing; Robotics and mechatronics; Artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Professor Zhihong Man: Nonlinear control; Signal processing; Robotics; Neural networks; Fuzzy systems; Engineering optimisation; Diagnosis of industrial systems; Vehicle dynamics and control.

Professor Jinjun Chen: Pattern recognition and data mining; Software engineering; Database management.

Professor Yun Yang:  Cloud computing, workflows, distributed systems, software development environments and service oriented computing

Associate Professor Kai Qin:  Machine Learning, Neural Networks, Evolutionary Computation, Computer Vision, Remote Sensing, Services Computing and Pervasive Computing

Professor Jane Burry: Responsive environments; Digital fabrication.

Professor Tino Fuss: Human movement and sports science; Built environment and design; Manufacturing engineering.

Associate Professor Jeni Paay: Human computer interactions; Internet of Things; Ubiquitous computing.

Professor Steffen Walz: Games design; Interaction design.

Dr Kirsten Day: Design history; Philosophy, and theory; Design professional practice; Future housing model; Architectural innovation.

Dr Matthew Parnell: Innovation; Social enterprise; Social impact; Construction materials; Sustainable urban water systems; Strategic & transformative design; Culture; Strategic & transformative design; Design thinking and complexity; Service design and Socio-technical systems; Sustainability; Housing and urban studies.

Professor Blair Kuys: Product diversity; Productivity design; Product design.

Read about our research focus on industrial transformative innovation. 

Professor Beth Webster: Intellectual property policy; Industry dynamics; Knowledge spillovers; Markets for technology; Economics; Innovation; R&D policy; Firm performance; Productivity.

Professor Dan Hunter: Internet law; Intellectual property and cognitive science models of law.

Dr Amanda Scardamaglia: Intellectual property law with a special focus on empirical and historical studies in trade mark law; Branding and advertising.

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Key contacts

For Swinburne enquiries, please contact Professor Guoxing Lu.

Professor Guoxing Lu
Director, Research Centre (China)

For Shandong University enquiries, please contact A/Prof. Guo Chunsheng.

A/Prof. Guo Chunsheng
School of Mechanical, Electrical and Information Engineering

Want to know more about our study opportunities?

Please contact Professor Guoxing Lu at glu@swinburne.edu.au.

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