The CXI Research Group combines an experienced team of consultants with a network of associates and students across Swinburne University of Technology and at leading European and American universities.

This combination provides unique expertise and perspectives to conduct world-class academic and industry-shaping research as members share a background of both academic training and commercial experience.

Leadership group

Research associates

Name Position Contact Location
Dr Vlad Demsar Lecturer, Marketing

+61 3 9214 5885

David Ginsberg Adjunct Industry Fellow and Sessional Lecturer, Marketing

0419 508 085

Associate Professor John Hopkins Associate Professor, Logistics and Supply Chain Management

+61 3 9214 3802

Dr Ryan Jopp Senior Lecturer, Management

+61 3 9214 5976

Dr Hassan Kalantari Daronkola Lecturer, Marketing

+61 3 9214 3589

Associate Professor Civilai Leckie Associate Professor, Marketing

+61 3 9214 5891

Dr Jason Pallant Senior Lecturer, Marketing

+61 3 9214 8208

Dr Jessica Pallant Lecturer, Marketing

+61 3 9214 3588

Dr Yoga Sembada Lecturer, Marketing

+61 3 9214 3453

Dr Kathleen Wilson Lecturer, Supply Chain Management BA1101
Dr Nives Zubcevic-Basic Senior Lecturer, Marketing

+61 3 9214 8067


Research students

CXI Research Group members actively supervise higher degree by research students across a range of areas. Our research students are undertaking projects based on solving real-world problems, with several supported by external partners.

Name Research topic
July Nguyen Alternative protein consumption
Samantha McKee Direct-to-consumer retail models
Jennifer Griffin Brand trust in digital environments
Anh Tran Chatbot customer experience

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