Voices Clinic manual coming soon

We are currently developing a therapy manual for clinicians based on the main therapy approach we use here at the Voices Clinic. Check back here to access the manual when it is completed.

Our most recommended:

Practice guidelines

We’re currently developing guidelines on how to work with people who experience hearing voices in conjunction with the International Consortium on Hallucination Research. Contact us if you would like to provide input. 

Resources for clients 

Online self-guided course 

We’re currently developing an online self-guided course to help people living with hearing voices and other experience. Please get in touch with us via mail@voicesclinic.com.au if you would like to register interest in receiving details once it is launched. 

  • Self-help book
    Overcoming Distressing Voices by Mark Hayward, Clara Strauss and David Kingdon
  • Voices Vic
    Details of hearing voices peer support groups and events in Victoria
  • Intervoice
    News and forums from the International Hearing Voices Network
  • Hearing the Voice
    Interdisciplinary research on hearing voices as a phenomenon.

Take part in our research  

The clinic conducts a broad range of research on new therapies, on understanding the experience of voices, and on causes, mechanisms and recovery.

We collaborate with Voices Vic and with other international experts on hearing voices.

The research we conduct can involve a range of different methods including interviews, focus groups, questionnaires, computerised tasks and brain imaging.

If you’re interested in participating in research about hearing voices, you can join our research participant registry. 

Want to refer a client to the Voices Clinic?

The Voices Clinic has extended its online service and is now operating all appointments using secure online videoconferencing. Referrals do not require a Mental Health Care Plan and can be accepted from any health professional or community mental health worker. 

Refer a client
Do you need help with hearing voices?

The Voices Clinic Online offers specialist online video consultation. To make a self-referral, please call +61 3 9214 4840 and leave your contact details or email voicesclinic@swinburne.edu.au find out about the clinic. 

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There are many ways to engage with the Voices Clinic here at Swinburne. Contact the clinic on +61 3 9214 4840, fax +61 3 9214 5260 or email the team via voicesclinic@swinburne.edu.au.

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