Alcohol hangover is an under-researched area and the lack of understanding of the biological causes of hangovers have delayed the development of an effective hangover treatment. While there is a high consumer demand for an effective treatment and there are currently many available products advertised as reducing hangover severity, there is currently no treatment with strong evidence for effectiveness. 

About this study

This study will assess the effects of a natural supplement on hangover symptom severity and will examine the association between inflammation (i.e. the body’s response to fighting damage caused by alcohol) and hangover symptoms.

The primary aim of this study is to determine whether a natural supplement can improve hangover symptom severity.

A total of 20 participants aged 21–50 years old will complete this trial. The supplement we are testing contains a mix of vitamins that may improve the breakdown of alcohol-related toxins. 

What’s involved?

Participation in this study will involve:

  • Attending Swinburne for evening testing sessions (approximately 5–6 hours) where you will be given alcohol.
  • Complete two sessions the following mornings (approximately 1 hour, at Swinburne or your home) while you are experiencing a hangover.
  • You will be required to complete questionnaires on hangover symptoms, sleep and mood and undergo saliva samples.

Study progress

We are currently recruiting participants. Contact Sarah Benson if you'd like to take part. 

For further enquiries

Sarah Benson

+61 3 9214 5212

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