The Smart Products Engineering team is seeing the development of a high quality yet affordable smart insole that would help detect and prevent diabetic foot ulcers. This project is being funded by the Wound Management Innovation CRC and has also won an MDPP (Medical Device Partnering Program) grant to help improve our electronics solution.  

Image of the Smart Insole.

The need to detect, treat and prevent diabetic foot ulcers

There are 415 million people with diabetes in the world; up to 25% of them will develop a diabetic foot ulcer. In Australia, $875 million is spent on diabetic foot diseases each year. 

To prevent and treat diabetic ulcers, it’s paramount that high plantar pressure is detected. The International Working Group on the Diabetic Foot (IWGDF) recommended in 2019 that podiatrists should “prescribe therapeutic footwear that has a demonstrated plantar pressure relieving effect during walking.”  

To provide this evidence, affordable but accurate smart insoles were required.  

Pressure-measuring insoles detect pathological high plantar pressure as well as gait impairments in real living conditions. In addition to the plantar pressure, smart insoles also measure the movement of the centre of pressure on the foot sole.  

Current high-end smart insole systems are accurate, but too complicated to handle and exorbitantly expensive.  

Pressure vs time graph for each of the Smart Insole’s sensors.

The outcome: a high resolution, low cost Smart Insole 

The CDI’s Smart Insole is a serious competitor in the industry, with a high resolution and low cost. Its accuracy was validated against an industry gold standard and proven to have a similar accuracy.  

To further develop our Smart Insole, we teamed up with Midori (DMI Demmel Group in Singapore) to have them screen-printed. We are currently in the process of commercialising our Smart Insole.  

The intellectual property, which solves 8 common problems of smart insoles and pressure sensor arrays, is protected.  

This project was funded $750k by the Wound Management Innovation CRC in early stages. In 2019, we also won an MDPP (Medical Device Partnering Program) grant to help us improve our electronics solution and provided a Market Search Report. 

Project timeframe 


Research team and partners

Smart Insole

Smart Insole

The video by the Smart Products Engineering program in Centre for Design Innovation shows the pressure distribution and the moving centre of pressure when wearing sports shoes and jogging slowly with our Smart Insoles.

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