Led by Professor Franz Konstantin ‘Tino’ Fuss, this project is seeing the development of the first ever Smart Cricket Ball in the world featuring complex parameters to measure bowling performance.  

It was tested in collaboration with the University of Sydney, L’boro University and the England Cricket Team; and by means of the Smart Baseball version with Chonnam National University, Sports2i, and the Gwangju Jinheung Baseball School. 

Since 2011, other smart cricket and baseballs were developed to only measure release speed and spin. 

Pressure diagram A and B, and spin vector diagram of the ball.
In contrast, the Centre for Design Innovation (CDI)’s Smart Cricket Ball measures 5 physical performance parameters: 
  • spin rate 
  • angular acceleration 
  • total torque 
  • spin torque 
  • power. 
As well as 5 skill parameters: 
  • precession 
  • normalised precession 
  • precession torque 
  • efficiency 
  • frequency.
In addition, our Smart Cricket Ball has many other features and capabilities: 
  • It calculates the centre of pressure (the point where the maximum torque is imparted onto the ball) 
  • It records data at 815 Hz, transfers data wirelessly and is charged inductively. The electronics is miniaturised with a diameter of 30mm 
  • It detects the delivery bowled (fast bowling and 20+ different spin bowling deliveries). 

The Smart Cricket Ball directly contributes to the success of training intervention studies, as evidenced by the improvement of performance in several spin bowlers.  

Our Smart Cricket Ball on the charging dock.
Example of assessment of training success.

Project timeframe 

November 2011 - continuing 

Research team 

Smart Cricket Ball

Smart Cricket Ball

This video is from the Smart Products Engineering program at the Centre for Design Innovation and discusses the development of the Smart Cricket Ball.

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