The Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing (CAS) is committed to providing a supportive and equitable workplace for all staff and students, regardless of gender, ethnicity, disability and sexual preference.  

The CAS Equity and Diversity committee meets regularly to discuss equity and diversity matters. The goals of the CAS Equity and Diversity committee are to:

  • promote a positive workplace culture which embraces diversity
  • develop and implement best practice with regards to gender, ethnicity, disability and sexual preference for appointments, promotions and student admissions within CAS
  • investigate new schemes to support staff and students with significant carer responsibilities
  • lead the university in gender, diversity and equity matters
  • record and report on the gender and diversity of applicants, shortlists and final appointments for all academic and student appointments, and for academic promotions
  • making the centre a more friendly environment to work in, free of bullying and harassment. 

Committee members

  • Blue galaxy

    Visiting Fellow Program

    The Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing is offering an opportunity to early- and mid-career female and gender-diverse researchers to work with Swinburne researchers and graduate students.

Our policies


The CAS Equity and Diversity committee has set a priority to improve the hiring process within the centre to promote a fair and equitable process with the aim of increasing the diversity of staff and ensuring we do not omit excellent staff from shortlists due to unconscious bias. The committee has developed a new hiring policy below. 

Other areas of priority are:

  • improving the harassment and bullying mitigation procedures for staff within CAS and the wider university
  • increasing the gender diversity of academic staff in CAS
  • contributing to the equity and diversity policies of the faculty and the university in general.
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The EDC has developed conference guidelines for all conferences and workshops organised by CAS staff with the aim of increasing equity and diversity amongst participants.

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Equity and diversity 

At Swinburne, we are all responsible for creating a culture that provides an environment that is safe, flexible and fair. It is also culturally appropriate, friendly and professional – free from discrimination and harassment.

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Your safety

We’ve worked hard to create a safe, accepting and vibrant community to ensure Swinburne remains a place that everyone can feel confident and respected.

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Did you know?

The Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing recently won a Silver Pleiades Award. This award recognises organisations in Australian astronomy that take active steps to advance the careers of women through focused programs.

Work and life at CAS

Work and life at CAS

For potential staff and students, we have prepared an information sheet on the working and living environment at CAS, and in Melbourne in general.

Our resources

Student support

Swiburne Student Union (SSU)

The SSU offer autonomous representation support with collectives currently representing women, the LGTBQI+ community, indigenous students and those living disability. 

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Psychology and counselling services 

Access mental health nurses, psychologists and social workers for confidential support for personal, emotional and mental health difficulties. 

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Staff support

Employee Assistance Program

Free, confidential, personal coach designed to help staff manage stress, deal with life's challenges and support staff in time of need.

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