Leadership group

Academic staff

Name Contact details Roles
Dr Rebecca Allen


+61 3 9214 5014

Co-Director, Space Technology and Industry Institute; Program Director, Youth Space Innovation Challenge
Distinguished Professor Matthew Bailes


+61 3 9214 8782

Director, ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery (OzGrav)
Professor Chris Blake


+61 3 9214 8624

Research and Teaching Faculty
Distinguished Professor Jean Brodie


+61 3 9214 3533

CAS Director
Associate Professor Michelle Cluver


+61 3 9214 3484

Associate Professor, Galaxy Evolution
Professor Jeff Cooke


+61 3 9214 5392

Professor, OzGrav Chief Investigator; ASTRO 3D Associate Investigator
Professor Warrick Couch


+61 3 9214 3875

Distinguished Professor, Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology
Professor Darren Croton


+61 3 9214 5537

Research Professor
Professor Adam Deller


+61 3 9214 5307

Pulsar / Fast Radio Bursts Researcher
Professor Alan Duffy


+61 3 92143876

Director, Space Technology and Industry Institute
Kim Ellis Hayes
kgellis@swinburne.edu.au Major Discipline Coordinator, Space Technology; Senior Lecturer
Associate Professor Deanne Fisher


+61 3 9214 4996

Associate Professor, Galaxies
Professor Christopher Fluke


+61 3 9214 5828

SmartSat Professorial Chair in Data Fusion, Integration and Cognition; Director, Advanced Visualisation Laboratory
Professor Duncan Forbes


+61 3 9214 4392

Distinguished Professor Karl Glazebrook


+61 3 9214 4384

Distinguished Professor; Laureate Fellow
Professor Alister Graham


+61 3 9214 8784

Former ARC Future Fellow; Associate Investigator with OzGrav; Course Coordinator for Swinburne Astronomy Online (SAO)
Professor Jarrod Hurley


+61 3 9214 5787

Supercomputing Manager; Astronomy Data and Computing Services (ADACS) / Gravitational Wave Data Centre (GWDC) Lead; OzGrav Node Leader
Associate Professor Glenn Kacprzak


+61 3 9214 4384

Associate Professor, Circumgalactic Medium and Galaxy Evolution
Professor Virginia Kilborn


+61 3 9214 4380

Swinburne Chief Scientist
Associate Professor Ivo Labbe ilabbe@swinburne.edu.au Postdoc Coordinator
Professor Sarah Maddison


+61 3 9214 5971

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education, Experience and Employability); Professor of Astrophysics
Emeritus Professor Jeremy Mould


+61 3 9214 4921

Centre for Dark Matter Chief Investigator
Professor Michael Murphy


+61 3 9214 5818

CAS Deputy Director,  COMBS Chief Investigator
Professor Emma Ryan-Weber


+61 3 9214 4746

Director, ARC Centre for Excellence for All Sky Astrophysics in 3D (ASTRO 3D)
Professor Ryan Shannon


+61 3 9214 5205

ARC Future Fellow and Academic Staff
Associate Professor Ned Taylor


+61 3 9214 5165

Associate Professor, Observational Astrophysics and Cosmology


Name Contact details Roles
Dr Dorota Bayer dbayer@swinburne.edu.au Postdoctoral Researcher in Strong Gravitational Lensing
Professor Thomas Jarrett tjarrett007@gmail.com Visiting Professor (Adjunct) of Astrophysics
Associate Professor Kurt Liffman
kliffman@swinburne.edu.au Swinburne Astronomy Online (SAO) Casual Lecturer; Higher Degree Supervisor
Dr Fan Liu fan.liu@monash.edu.au Adjunct Research Fellow
Dr Cristina Martinez-Lombilla cmartinezlombilla@swinburne.edu.au Visiting Research Fellow (Postdoctoral) - ASTRO 3D, Galaxy Evolution; Low Surface Brightness
Dr Rossi Ruggeri rruggeri@swinburne.edu.au Adjunct Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Sam Vaughan samvaughan@swinburne.edu.au ASTRO 3D Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Jielai Zhang jielaizhang@swinburne.edu.au Adjunct Research Fellow; OzGrav Research Affiliate

Postdoctoral fellows

Name Contact details Roles
Dr Brett Addison baddison@swinburne.edu.au Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Tania Barone tbarone@swinburne.edu.au ASTRO 3D Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Adam Batten abatten@swinburne.edu.au Postdoctoral Research Associate, Hubble Tension
Dr Andrew Cameron andrewcameron@swinburne.edu.au OzGrav Pulsar Researcher, MeerTime Data Pipeline Development
Dr Rebecca Davies rdavies@swinburne.edu.au ASTRO 3D Postdoctoral Researcher; STACK Technical Secretary
Dr Dougal Dobie ddobie@swinburne.edu.au OzGrav Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Mark Durré mdurre@swinburne.edu.au Sessional Postdoctoral Research Assistant, IFU Software Expertise and Training
Dr Chris Flynn


+61 3 9214 8302

Postdoctoral Researcher, Molonglo Radio Telescope Fast Radio Burst and Pulsar Timing Programs
Dr Jonah Gannon jgannon@swinburne.edu.au Director's Research Fellow
Dr Kelly Gourdji


+61 3 9214 8940

Postdoctoral Researcher, Radio Transients
Dr Colin Jacobs


+61 3 9214 8128

Data Scientist, James Webb Australian Data Centre
Dr Shreejit Jadhav spjadhav@swinburne.edu.au OzGrav Postdoctoral Researcher, Gravitational Waves Data Analysis and Instrumentation
Dr Steven Janssens


+61 3 9214 8406

Postdoctoral Researcher, Observational Extragalactic Astronomy
Dr Barbara Mazzilli Ciraulo bmazzilliciraulo@swinburne.edu.au ASTRO 3D Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Ben McAllister bmcallister@swinburne.edu.au Postdoctoral Fellow, Dark Matter Detection
Dr Anais Möller amoller@swinburne.edu.au ARC DECRA Fellow
Dr Robert Mostoghiu rmostoghiupaun@swinburne.edu.au ARC CDMPP Research Associate, Dark Matter Simulations
Dr Themiya Nanayakkara


+61 3 9214 8546

Astronomer, James Webb Australian Data Centre
Dr Nikki Nielsen


+61 3 9214 5887

Astro 3D Fellow
Dr Joel Pfeffer jpfeffer@swinburne.edu.au Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Jade Powell


+61 3 9214 4873

ARC DECRA Fellow, Gravitational Wave Astrophysics
Dr Daniel Reardon


+61 3 9214 3329

OzGrav Postdoctoral Researcher, Pulsar Timing
Dr Manodeep Sinha


+61 3 9214 4918

ASTRO 3D Senior Research Software Scientist
Dr Robert Song yuzhesong@swinburne.edu.au OzGrav Postdoctoral Researcher
Dr Simon Stevenson


+61 3 9214 4841

OzGrav Postdoctoral Researcher; ARC DECRA Fellow
Dr Ryan Turner rjturner@swinburne.edu.au Postdoctoral Researcher, Cosmology, Large-scale Structure and Peculiar Velocities
Dr Sara Webb swebb@swinburne.edu.au Research Fellow; Outreach Manager; Swinburne Youth Space Innovation Challenge (SYSIC) / Swinburne Haileybury International Space Station Experiment (SHINE) Coordinator 

Technical, Outreach and Support staff

Name Contact details Roles
Eman Ali


+61 3 9214 1234

ADACS and OzSTAR Astronomy Software Support
Jackie Bondell


+61 3 9214 8351

OzGrav Education and Outreach Coordinator
Jes Cantos jcantos@swinburne.edu.au ADACS and OzSTAR Astronomy Software Support
Dr Conrad Chan


+61 3 9214 5354

ADACS and OzSTAR Astronomy Software Support
Patrick Clearwater pclearwater@swinburne.edu.au GWDC / ADACS Software Developer
Sarah Colbert


+61 3 9214 3662

CAS Research Centre Coordinator
Krystal De Napoli kdenapoli@swinburne.edu.au ASTRO 3D Education and Outreach Officer
Dr Yeshe Fenner


+61 3 9214 8302

Chief Operating Officer, OzGrav
Will Gauvin wgauvin@swinburne.edu.au ADACS Senior Software Engineer
Ari Hernandez


+61 3 9214 8246

Project Officer, OzGrav
Lisa Horsley lhorsley@swinburne.edu.au OzGrav Outreach Officer and Research Coordinator
Andrew Jameson


+61 3 9214 5612

Senior Software Engineer
Carl Knox


+61 3 9214 8891

Digital Media and Marketing Officer
Lewis Lakerink llakerink@swinburne.edu.au Senior Software Engineer
Asher Leslie jaleslie@swinburne.edu.au GWDC / ADACS UX Designer and Software Engineer
Dr David Liptai


+61 3 9214 5354

ADACS and OzSTAR Astronomy Software Support
Mark Myers markmyers@swinburne.edu.au Education and Outreach Content Creator
Erin O'Grady


+61 3 9214 8246

Project Officer
Simon Parsons


+61 3 9214 5913

Research Administrator, ASTRO 3D and Dark Matter
Dr Greg Poole


+61 3 9214 5301

Astronomy Data Science Program Coordinator
Dr Thomas Reichardt treichardt@swinburne.edu.au ADACS and GWDC Software Support
Dr Shibli Saleheen


+61 3 9214 5064

ADACS Software Engineer
Ray Seikel rseikel@swinburne.edu.au Senior Software Engineer
Luana Spadafora


+61 3 9214 5532

OzGrav Communications Officer
Bec Todd


+61 3 9214 4520

ADACS and GWDC Research Coordinator; OzGrav Research Coordinator

Postgraduate students

Name Contact details Roles
Jacob Askew jaskew@swinburne.edu.au PhD student and Student Representative - Millisecond Pulsars
Gen Batten gbatten@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Galaxy Groups
Kamal Bora kbora@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Strong Gravitational Lensing and Machine Learning
Brian Brady bbrady@swinburne.edu.au PhD Student - Astro Visualisation
Geoff Bryan gbryan@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Early Planetary Formation
Luisa Buzzo


+61 3 9214 4399

PhD student - Ultra-Diffuse Galaxies
Dylan Dance ddance@swinburne.edu.au PhD student
Lewis de Zoete 101606593@student.swinburne.edu.au Honors student - Astronomical Visual Inspection
Tyson Dial tdial@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Fast Radio Bursts
Mitchell Dixon mdixon@swinburne.edu.au PhD student
Burak Dogruel bdogruel@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Galaxy Evolution and Cosmology
Rory Elliott roryelliott@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - High Redshift Galaxy Outflow Studies
Nimas Emas


+61 3 9214 8708

PhD student
Juan Espejo jespejosalcedo@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Galaxy Evolution
Antonia Fernandez Figueroa


+61 3 9214 8708

PhD student
Jim Freeburn jfreeburn@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Gamma-ray Burst Afterglows
Pratyasha Gitika pgitika@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Pulsars
Simon Goode sgoode@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Machine Learning and Fast Transients
Lydia Haacke lhaacke@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Ultra Diffuse Galaxies
Magdalena Hamel Bravo mhamelbravo@swinburne.edu.au PhD student
Tyler Hughes tjhughes@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Machine Learning Application in Astronomy
Renee Key rkey@swinburne.edu.au PhD Student - Primordial Black Holes and Student Outreach Coordinator
Atharva Kulkarni adkulkarni@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Pulsar Studies
Christian Lehmann


+61 3 9214 8708

PhD student - Solar Twins
Stuart Lyall syall@swinburne.edu.au PhD student
Ayushi Mandlik amandlik@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Fast Radio Burst
Monse Martinez mmartinezmarin@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Machine Learning Galaxy Evolution
Daniel McPherson dmcpherson@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Galaxy Scale Outflows
Matt Miles matthewmiles@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Millisecond Pulsars and Gravitational Waves
Ally Morton allisonmorton@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Circumgalactic Medium
Aaron Myszka amyszka@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Galaxy Evolution
Hasti Nateghi hnateghi@swinburne.edu.au PhD student and ASTRO 3D student representative
Tony Pilkington


+61 3 9214 5787

PhD student - Globular Clusters
Sera Rauhut srauhut@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Modified Gravity
Bron Reichardt Chu breichardtchu@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Star Formation Driven Outflows
Ben Scott benjaminscott@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Solar Twin / Quasar Probes of Electromagnetism's Strength
Alma Sebastian


+61 3 9214 4399

PhD student - XQR30
Mohsen Shamohammadi mshamohammadi@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Precision Pulsars Timing and Gravitational Waves
Daniel Smith danielsmith@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Micro Optics in Astronomy
Mark Suhr msuhr@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Superluminous Supernovae
Shingo Tanigawa stanigawa@swinburne.edu.au PhD student
Adam Ussing aussing@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Dark Matter Simulations
Pavan Uttarkar puttarkar@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Fast Radio Bursts
Natasha Van Bemmel nvanbemmel@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Fast Transients
Wesley Van Kempen wvankempen@swinburne.edu.au PhD student
Hugo Walsh hwalsh@swinburne.edu.au PhD student - Visual Discovery 

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