Thriving in Society 4.0

Focuses on attitudes and behaviours regarding new technologies and their influence on Society 4.0.

The Society 4.0 program examines the human, social and cultural implications of emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, biotechnology and autonomous systems.

Led by Associate Professor Diane Sivasubramaniam and Dr Samuel Wilson, the program team is focused on such questions as:

• What are the consequences of new and emerging technologies on our relationships with ourselves, other people, and autonomous systems?

• How will emerging technologies transform how we conceptualise rights and responsibilities, investigate crimes, make laws, and achieve justice?

• How will emerging technologies affect work, careers and the psychology of working? How can individuals make sense of work in the context of technological change?

• What are the effects of emerging technologies on public trust in science and institutions? How is trust lost, and how can it be promoted?


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