Intelligent transport systems and infrastructure

Learn more about the capabilities of our Virtual Smart Mobility Research Facility.

Swinburne’s Virtual Smart Mobility Research Facility includes state-of-the-art traffic simulation and modelling platforms which supports the institute’s capabilities in intelligent transport systems and infrastructure.


  • development of algorithms for network operations, management and control (e.g. automated incident detection and management, predictive traffic intelligence and distributed adaptive traffic signal control)
  • agent-based traffic modelling and simulation
  • smart infrastructure and asset management
  • disruptive mobility (e.g. evaluation of impacts of autonomous on-demand shared mobility, car sharing and ride-sharing)
  • technology-driven low carbon mobility solutions for large and fast-growing cities.

Individual projects

  • electric vehicle research including battery pack design solutions
  • design and development of vehicle platform architectures
  • the development and evaluation of models for autonomous shared mobility-on-demand systems.

Collaborative projects

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