End-to-end freight solutions

Working towards more controllable, robust and efficient operations for all supply chain partners.

End-to-end freight solutions incorporates use of intelligent systems to enable collective sensing and responding to change across the end-to-end supply chain environment.

‌This project investigates adaptation of operational and functional relationships and interactions, and processes that lead to more controllable, robust and efficient operations for all supply chain partners. Our interest and capability in this area includes:

  • intermodal transport
  • integrated transport systems
  • rail freight transport
  • collaborative supply chain management
  • port management and economics
  • operations research.

Swinburne’s Virtual Smart Mobility Research Facility and Software systems laboratory are key facilities in exploring these areas.

Research focus

  • intelligent agent-based technology solutions supporting automation of decentralised decision-making in management of complex business relationships
  • market-based optimisation of capacity utilisation and supply-demand matching
  • collaborative end-to-end planning and scheduling
  • adaptive operations in supply networks.


  • vehicle routing with pick up and delivery constraints considering sustainable and green criteria
  • Adaptive Supply Networks, an industry-focused R&D project to develop an intelligent decision support system for collaborative scheduling in adaptive supply networks with negotiation agents
  • intelligent route guidance systems based on dynamic programming and enabled by historical data analytics.

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