Analytics and data-driven urban mobility solutions

Discover our core capabilities and projects across our research in urban mobility.

The analytics and data-driven urban mobility solutions area focuses on data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence applications in urban mobility research.

Areas of research and core capabilities

  • data, user, text and visual analytics
  • creating algorithms to process large and interconnected data sets
  • extracting insights from data by trend identification and simplified, yet effective presentation
  • efficiently processing data that arrives at high speed from sensors, networks or log files
  • developing learning methods and real-time recognition from smartphone sensor inputs
  • building novel approaches to unify data from multiple sources and with different formats or levels of detail
  • treating information safely, protecting its integrity, storing it safely and controlling data access
  • effectively using distributed systems and cloud computing to store and communicate big data.


Data incubator

A data incubator will allow industries to concentrate on developing and testing their data-based applications. It may be tasked with building and maintaining data and infrastructure for industries to deploy their data-driven prototypes.


SimpleFleet uses floating car data to create data management infrastructure for fleet management and Geocrowd (Creating a Geospatial Knowledge World). Geocrowd is a training network that will promote GeoWeb 2.0 and advance the state-of-the-art in collecting, storing, analysing and making large amounts of rich user-generated geospatial information available on the Web.


TMGuide is creating several means to manage and re-use content for mobile travel guides. This project is streamlining the production of content for mobile guides by developing an efficient method to re-use existing content, adding geo-content from creative-commons sources, and integrating translation services to support multilingual content.

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