Serious business games

Supporting future modes of collaboration, workplace learning and decision-making through augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

The nature of work is changing. New structures are disrupting the traditional workplace. The new workplace will require new types of support mechanisms.

AR Room Scanner capture from videoThis project investigates the combination of augmented reality and artificial intelligence, inspired by decades of game development, to develop a platform for supporting future modes of collaboration, workplace learning and decision making.

Our interdisciplinary research team from interactive media, games, immersive experiences and data visualisation are working with Appearition, a Melbourne company specialising in business applications of augmented reality, to develop a prototype platform for supporting future workplace models.

See below for video about this work supported by a Swinburne Seed Grant. Using augmented reality (AR) the research team have developed an application that allows workers to map a workspace using AR room tracking and then place virtual items in the room to represent either real fixtures or imagine future configurations of the room. A worker entering into the room after it has been augmented will see the augmented objects and information overlaid on the environment itself without using markers to track the room. In this example we allow a group of workers to place a robot in the workspace through the augmented reality application and the workers can move around the robot, collaboratively assessing its location and impact in the workspace before physically installing the robot.

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AR Room Scanner

Serious Business Games was a research endeavor between the Smart Cities Research Institute and Melbourne-based company Appearition to investigate the use of game based paradigms applied to the problem of workplace collaboration and information sharing.

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