Digital identities in a smart city

Self-sovereign identity solution to safeguard personal data.

This project investigates how we identify individuals and confirm their credentials in the digital realm using a digital wallet.

In a Smart City, how will we, as individuals, decide who and what to trust with our personal details? And how much personal data should we give away?

Digital identities are increasingly being used by organisations to validate who we are and what we should have access to. But who owns that digital identity? Well, ideally, everyone is custodian of their own identity, however, as information turns digital, it also becomes more replicable, less tangible and harder to protect.

Self-sovereign identity (SSI) is a solution where the individual identity holder can access and use their credentials on the internet, whenever and however they please, giving away only those details necessary for each transaction. SSI places the individual in control. We are taking a human-centred approach to the design of an SSI driven digital wallet, aimed at replacing the functionality typically included in a physical wallet, e.g. an electronic driver’s license, myki card, loyalty cards, credit cards. Using co-design methods we understand both the human needs for a digital identity and the technological means to support an equitable, trustworthy, useable and sustainable solution.


Download project report: Digital Wallet Interview findings report (PDF) 953 KB


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Digital Wallet: Impacts, Implications and Issues



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