Manufacturing next generation materials

Led by Professor Baohua Jia, our research into new manufacturing processes aims to work with a wide range of industry partners to gauge the sector’s needs for next generation materials.

Drawing on Swinburne’s expertise in materials and process science, chemical engineering, manufacturing, photonics, and physics, we will develop standards for new materials and processes along the value chain.

Graphene certification

‌In 2017, the Cooperative Research Centre Program funded a project (CRC-P) through Swinburne to underpin graphene product development. The aim of this project is to develop an Australian graphene characterisation and certification capability in collaboration with Australian industry. 

Graphene is the lightest, strongest, most electrically conductive material discovered. Once the issues of producing reliably high quality graphene in replicable manufacturing circumstances have been solved, graphene is predicted to generate revolutionary new products across all industry sectors.

The $943,937 project is being conducted with a number of industry partners:

Certification will enable volume manufacturing of graphene by supporting replicability and quality. It will also connect Australian industry with global advanced manufacturing supply chains that use graphene and the development of Industry 4.0 capability internationally.

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