Swinburne launches Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute

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ALEKSANDAR SUBIC (Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Research and Development): I am very pleased that we are launching today the Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute, a very special institute for us because it is named after the late Don Iverson, a wonderful man that committed his entire life to advancing health research, impact that shapes lives and communities.

GAVIN LAMBERT (Director, Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute): The aim of the Iverson is to identify and solve real world health challenges. So our research will focus on enhancing our understanding and treatment of chronic disease and disability, personalised health care innovation, bioengineering for disease prevention, diagnosis, and management, and digital health systems for improved health care.

SUE MACLEMAN (Chief Executive Officer, MTPConnect): I'm really delighted to be here for the launch of the Iverson Medical Research Institute today because I think Don had real vision, and I think true translation is vitally important so that we can take our new innovations and create the products and services to take to patients of the world.

STEPHEN TOMISICH (Chief Executive Officer, Trajan Scientific and Medical): We also recognize the great stress that is being placed on the Western health care systems. Whether it's due to the ageing demographics or due to the rise of chronic disease, the systems are under stress. There is only one solution to this predicament and that is technology and technology innovation, and that's why an institute like this is so vital and the role it will play has the potential to have global impact.

GAVIN LAMBERT: We will make improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. We will enhance the quality of life of patients and their carers, and we will develop health care efficiencies. We will invest in and support talented investigators. The Iverson will succeed through the development of strong collaborations and formation of sustainable local, national, and international partnerships.


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