Capillary and blood flow analysis

Working together with the Royal Children’s Hospital to analyse automated capillary blood flow analysis in microcirculation image data.

This project focuses on research and development of computer vision algorithms to enhance and analyse video data capturing capillary density and blood flow in the mucous membranes of the mouth.

‌Led by Swinburne’s Dr Chris McCarthy (Senior Lecturer in the Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering), this project is a collaboration with Associate Professor Michael Cheung, Head of Cardiology at Melbourne’s Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH).

In association with a team of Swinburne final year robotics and mechatronics students, Chris and Michael are developing image processing techniques. These will support the automatic measurement of features such as capillary density, vascular branching and branching fractals, as well as assessing blood flow.  

By developing algorithms that accurately and automatically provide such quantitative measures, Dr McCarthy and his team hope to provide software that can help assess cardiac adult patients, as part of a National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC)-funded research project at the RCH.


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