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Dr Tony Huang

Program Leader, Human-data interaction

Head and shoulders image of Tony HuangDr Tony Huang is a data visualization researcher with expertise in visual analytics and human computer interaction. He designs visualizations, user interfaces and interaction methods to combine data values with human intelligence for effective data exploration, communication and decision making. He conducts cross-disciplinary research with applications in domains ranging from health, nursing, business, social science, education to manufacturing.

Dr Huang holds a PhD degree in Computer Science, with training in Psychology and professional experience in Psychometrics. He has over 100 publications including books entitled “Handbook of Human Centric Visualization” and “Human Factors in Augmented Reality Environments”. He is currently Associate Editor of Behaviour and Information Technology Journal, and a chair of the technical committee on Visual Analytics and Communication of IEEE SMC Society.

Dr Huang’s research has been supported by government funding agencies such as the Australia Research Council and the Office of Learning and Teaching, and commercial partners such as Boeing and Oracle, with a total value of over 3 million dollars.

You can contact Tony on weidonghuang@swinburne.edu.my.