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Position Description:
Engineering Practice Academy Associate

Join us at the Swinburne Engineering Practice Academy as an Associate by applying to become a student in the Bachelor of Engineering Practice (Honours).

About the Swinburne Engineering Practice Academy and the Bachelor of Engineering Practice (Honours)

Swinburne’s Bachelor of Engineering Practice (Honours) provides a new approach to engineering education for a new era of engineers. Students studying the Bachelor of Engineering Practice (Honours) will join the Swinburne Engineering Practice Academy as an Associate.

At the Academy, you will work with fellow associates as well as academics and engineers to deliver real solutions to industry and community problems, while gaining the capabilities required to become a professional engineer.

The Swinburne Engineering Practice Academy promotes diversity and actively seeks to include, welcome and value the unique contributions of all people. We encourage everyone to apply, including candidates of all genders and cultures, as well as Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, people who identify as LGBTIQ and people with a disability.

Five core values underpin the culture at the Academy:

  • collaboration with empathy
  • honesty through transparency
  • equity and diversity
  • sustainability through practice
  • excellence – individually and collectively.

Key responsibilities

Your experience learning as an Associate will be different to studying as a traditional university student.

Typically, university students attend lectures and sit exams; as an Associate with the Swinburne Engineering Practice Academy, you will work as part of a team on industry and community projects, just like a professional engineer, from day one of your degree.

As part of these projects, you will attend client meetings, pitch ideas and deliver projects to stakeholders. Your professionalism will reflect on both the Academy and yourself as an individual, serving to grow your knowledge and experience.

Throughout your time at the Academy you will build technical, professional, business and financial skills – all aimed at equipping you with an engineering and entrepreneurial mindset and to prepare you for the future of work and engineering practice.

Teamwork is essential and you will need to demonstrate your commitment to working well with others through your individual passion and personality. You will actively contribute to the culture within the Academy to make it friendly, fun and welcoming to all.

Selection criteria

We are looking for applicants who:

  • are passionate about wanting to make a difference in the world
  • are adaptable, able to embrace change and open to new ways of working and learning
  • are self-aware and can harness their own strengths, values and behaviours
  • enjoy collaborating with others in diverse teams
  • can communicate clearly in both written and verbal forms
  • demonstrate a commitment to excellence in everything they do
  • can behave professionally and embody the Academy’s values.

How to apply

To apply to become a student in the Bachelor of Engineering Practice (Honours), you will need to include the course in your VTAC preference list and provide a written response to the following questions. Answers to each question should be between 100 and 200 words.

  • How do you think engineering can change the world?
  • Why do you want to join the Engineering Practice Academy as an Associate?
  • Describe a time when you have worked with others to achieve a common goal.

Please submit your responses using the form on this page.

Interview session

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend an interview session, which will include the following:

  • an interview about you, your strengths, values, passions and motivations for joining the Academy;
  • activities designed to help Swinburne understand how you work with others to accomplish common goals.

A final decision on selection into the Academy will be made based on your interview session.

Download a copy of this position description.

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