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We accept tender and proposal invitations from businesses, brands, organisations, and local, state and federal government departments.

Swinburne Professional has a dedicated Tenders team that works with our prospective clients to respond to requests for tender, bids, and proposal submissions. A cornerstone of our client offer is the ability to provide expert advice, a competitive and credible learning program offer, and develop custom learning solutions.  

Tenders, bids and proposals

We welcome invitations to tender, as well as produce bids and proposals on request, and encourage you to reach out to our team to commence discussions or provide a brief.

Our team at this stage of the process is three-tiered:

  1. A senior consultant will be allocated to the project to provide strategic insight, conduct needs analysis and make recommendations. This consultant will also ensure we leverage our broader Swinburne relationships and assets to benefit the client.
  2. A project manager, who will design, scope and quote up the required learning programs for the submission.
  3. A tender professional, who will ensure that the tender, bid or proposal is produced to brief and deadline. This team member will also the implementation and evaluation programs are accounted for.

They are also available to meet, attend tender briefings or arrange phone calls to ensure the client requirement is met.

Swinburne Professional would be delighted to produce a tender, bid or proposal for your professional learning and training programs. We pride ourselves on a relentless commitment to client service and a truly collaborative approach and look forward to hearing from you.

Contact us to learn more about our process and understand how we can work with you on a tender.