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Measuring success

Success is measured through project management, reporting, feedback and a passion for relentless client service.

In the professional learning sector, outcomes are everything. The Swinburne Professional team thinks far beyond the results of individuals when we measure and assess our programs to deliver true innovation and defined objectives.

How we measure success

Our success is measured on the success of our learning programs.

When we measure success, we start with who Swinburne Professional is and where our focus lies. We are dedicated to:

  • Delivering customer and client-focussed solutions,
  • Building client partnerships,
  • Customising effective learning programs,
  • Developing learning strategies for clients,
  • Constantly improving services and products, and
  • Creating value and return on investment.

From there, we have established a Swinburne Professional L&D project management methodology that covers needs analysis, customisation, implementation, feedback and continuous improvement, and collaboration and relationship building as its bedrock.

This methodology means we assess what you need, customise your programs, deliver and facilitate it and – at all stages of the process - tracking your program from initiation through to participant feedback and evaluation mechanisms. We then share this information with both our client and our project team to ensure improvements in everything we do.

What do our clients think?

Ron Hooton, CEO of Vision Australia.
At every step of our learning, the program adapted to our news as an organisation.

Ron Hooton CEO - Vision Australia

Client satisfaction

Over 1,500 participants gave us feedback in 2018-2019, and the findings have delivered an average 95% overall satisfaction rate. In short, we deliver on high quality professional learning.

  • 95% satisfaction with workshop facilitator
  • 96% satisfaction with workshop content
  • 95% satisfaction in workshop organisation and customer service