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Customised training

Swinburne Professional is in a unique position where we enjoy both the agility of a consultancy and the smarts of a university.

Swinburne Professional is an agile learning division that caters for professional individuals developing their careers, and the businesses that hire them.

A core part of the Swinburne Professional offer is a laser-sharp focus on efficient and relevant learning for professionals – delivered in a range of formats – and their ability to customise and roll out tailored training for their clients.

About customised training

The Swinburne Professional team of expert consultants work in collaboration with clients to create learning programs that meet the brief; from mapping budgets and timings, to auditing workforce gaps and delivering on-campus, on-line or on-site learning.

Central to the Swinburne Professional approach is a process of needs analysis, customisation, implementation, feedback and continuous improvement, and true collaboration.

Learning methodology

Swinburne Professional applies well researched, practical, and tested mechanisms and at the core of our approach is the 70-20-10 model for professional development as conceived by Lombardo and Eichinger from the Centre for Creative Leadership (CCL). This model has informed our learning and development since 2002.

The model suggests that the following factors influence workplace learning.

A diagram of how learning takes place in the workplace. A venn diagram of three circles shows 70% learning in the workplace, 10% formal learning, and 20% learning via others.

Key challenges your organisation may be facing

Swinburne Professional can deliver a full suite of professional development solutions, from core skills advancements for your frontline staff through to tailored programs for your executives. A recent piece of internal research showed us that the concerns of modern organisations today were far-reaching, but highly motivated to seek solutions.

In short, organisations are frequently finding that their own systems don’t deliver on digital transformation, while the executive team applies pressure to the general workforce to be "future ready", without articulating the future job profiles. The question mark around future job profiles and the skillsets to match is a major concern, and one that Swinburne Professional can map out with our clients.