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Our Courses

Our diverse range of short courses, certificates, diplomas, and postgraduate courses are designed for the modern workforce.

Our Swinburne Professional courses are focused on giving you the competitive edge to fast-track your career success. Move forward in your career with the confidence that comes from knowing your skills fit the bill.

Course options

With flexible learning options such as online and block delivery and weekend classes, they are built to fit in to all schedules.

Swinburne Professional courses are delivered by experienced facilitators who are experts in their respective industries, so in each and every course, you will benefit from a practical, relevant, and contemporary learning approach.

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Swinburne Professional is more than just a training provider. We work hand in hand with Swinburne University to leverage the best models, research and processes to deliver learning that sticks, and successfully evolves workforces for the future. Our comprehensive Training Catalogue provides an outline of the breadth of our learning offer, including short courses, and through to Graduate Certificates.

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