Help with Fees: That’s What I Want 

In 1976, Barrett Strong had a hit with a little song called 'Money (That’s What I Want)' and in the 44 years that have passed since, the sentiment still rings true. Money doesn’t mean everything, but we’d be lying to ourselves if we said it didn’t matter.

While hugely rewarding, being a student doesn’t immediately put money in your pocket. It takes time. That’s why we have support systems in place that help to alleviate some of that stress, including loans, grants, scholarships and more. And it’s why we held a Midyear Web Session this past June called Help with Fees – an online round table discussion about the various forms of financial help you can access while studying.

We might not be able to meet on campus just yet, but we’ve got the next best thing; Swintopia is all the best parts of Swinburne – the community, campus and resident birds (you’ll see) – but in pixels. Alright then, jump in

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    Swinburne goes pixel! Visit our alternate campus reality, meet the locals, and complete a few quests.

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