Video transcript

Title: The Centre for the New Workforce opens to prepare Australians for the future of work

Year: 2019

SEAN GALLAGHER: There's no greater challenge facing society today then workforce transformation arising from digital technologies. Digital technologies sophisticated as artificial intelligence and automation are going to change all jobs and impact all work.

DAVID COLTMAN: The Centre of the New Workforce will work with industry and formal education to identify how we can make sure the future of work is accessible to all.

JASON LAUFER: Industry is moving so quick it's really hard to keep up so embedding learning to actually align with your strategic priorities is core to keep up and have a competitive advantage.

HEATHER McGOWAN: We need to rethink learning for the future of work because we need to move beyond just codifying and transferring skills. The work in the future is going to be stuff we have never done before. So we need to develop in people the right identity that is rooted in their passion and purpose. The right mindset so they can learn and adapt continuously. A strong foundation of what I call enablers - which some people call soft skills. It's the uniquely human skills, the things that are very difficult to automate. And then on top of that, is the skills they do. The skills they do are going to rotate frequently, so we need to build that whole stack. That is how learning in the future work is going to be different.

SEAN GALLAGHER: Most companies when they think about the future of work they naturally think about what technologies they need to adopt and integrate into their businesses. But they don't think enough about their people. This where the Centre for the New Workforce will play a role by looking at how we can help people not only work with digital technologies but lift them to a higher level in order for them to reach their peak human potential.