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Discover how the Centre for the New Workforce develops learning solutions that empower people and organisations in the exponential era.

Led by Dr Sean Gallagher, Swinburne’s Centre for the New Workforce (CNeW) is a new research initiative on the digital economy that aims to realise our peak human potential.

Can humans ever actually reach their full potential?

Hear from Dr Sean Gallagher as he speaks to the rise of artificial intelligence and automated technologies, and the challenge our society faces to ensure we are ready for the workplaces of tomorrow.

Swinburne’s Centre for the New Workforce (CNeW) is a research and analysis initiative to help organisations prepare and adapt their workforce for the digital economy. CNeW is the only centre in Australia dedicated to developing learning solutions for the future of work. We aim to empower people and organisations in a dynamic, technology-transforming world.

There is no greater strategic priority for organisations than realising the potential of their people. And no better way to do this than through the transformative force of learning. Organisations need to go beyond traditional discrete, technical training programs to develop vibrant learning ecosystems that encompass:

  • Learning behaviours
  • Culture
  • Creativity
  • Processes
  • The environment

The highest form of learning will be creating value essential for competitive advantage.  

Preparing workforces for the uncertainty and opportunity of the digital economy is a daunting challenge. Advances in artificial intelligence, robotics, networks, analytics and digitization will only increase this challenge.

Our network of experts, analysts and thought leaders understand how work is changing in response to technology:

  • What work is
  • How it's done
  • How it's organised
  • Who does it 

And they know how best to prepare your people and organisation. CNeW can advise and assess your workforce capability, deliver learning, determine learning practices and develop a learning ecosystem. We can advance the capability of your workforce as work changes.

We help organisations with workforce transformation by:

  • Providing insight into current trends and how they translate to your organisation.
  • Positioning your leadership team with the authority to lead your workforce and influence stakeholders.
  • Diagnosing pain points in work activity, learning capability and knowledge management.
  • Implementing learning solutions to enhance competitive advantage.

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