What is Swintopia?

Meet Swintopia. Swinburne’s virtual campus experience where you can choose an avatar, jump in, and explore the world of Swinburne from the comfort of your nearest device.

Chat to Swinburne students, staff and local legends, tour our campus and surrounds, gather course info, get to know our history, complete missions, win huge prizes (more on that below), and fill a virtual tote bag with goodies.

Ready to play?

Want to win a $20k travel voucher & go in the running for monthly prize draws?

Step 1:

Look for a teleportal that needs your help (eek, it’s glitching!) , complete the quest, and you’ll go in the running to win a $20k travel voucher that you can spend however you like.  

Why not take yourself and five friends to SXSW, the music, film and tech conference held each year in Austin, Texas. Or the Henn na Hotel in Nagasaki, Japan – where 90% of the staff are robots! 

Just make sure you’ve completed the quest (the token in your virtual tote bag should be a dead giveaway) and sit back and relax… ‘til it’s time to jet set, that is. 

Step 2: 

Keep an eye out for Lester at his Lost & Found kiosk while wandering Swintopia. If you can help him find some lost items, you might win one – or more! – of our monthly giveaways: high-tech solar-powered backpacks that can charge your devices; home assistants in the shape of our campus celebrity, the Latelab pigeon; and memobottles, the elite water bottle co-designed by Swinburne alum Jesse Leeworthy.

Please note: you will need to be a resident of Victoria, Australia, to enter and to win. See the full competition terms & conditions here.


You do! This is so we can email you the virtual tote bag link, send you any goodies you might win, and ensure your Swintopia experience aligns with your interests.

Anyone and everyone. You can visit Swintopia to find out about courses – certificates, diplomas, bachelor and master degrees – at Swinburne, as well as discover our community and campus. But you can also just play; complete missions, collect items in your virtual tote bag, talk to pigeons. There are no real rules to this thing.

Exploring Swintopia is simple. If you’re on a: 

  • Desktop or laptop computer, use your arrow keys to move around, and the space bar to keep your conversations going. You can also use your mouse to click on things of interest.
  • Smartphone or tablet, use either of the 2 white thumb controllers to move around, and tap to keep your conversations going. You can also tap on things of interest.

And make sure you talk to people with a star or ball above them! And when you see an “i” there’s information for you to read.

Yes, you can play Swintopia on a smartphone or tablet. Just bear in mind the tablet may not be optimised for Swintopia.

Yes you can. To do this, on your first device select “Email tote” in the top right-hand corner of Swintopia. A link will then be emailed to you.

To resume your Swintopia experience on another device, open that email link on the second device. Then go back into Swintopia and hit resume so you can pick up where you left off.

The mysteries of the internet can be truly frustrating. However, here are a few things you can do to help optimise your experience. 

Try, where you can, to avoid playing Swintopia on some older devices. For the best experience – and to minimise the risk of glitches – make sure you’re using iPad 7th generation (2019) or newer, iPhone 8 or newer, and Android 8 or newer.  

If you’re on a computer, check to see if you’re using a recommended browser. Swintopia is made to thrive on Chrome version 84+, Firefox version 78+, and Safari version 12+. If in doubt of which version you’re running, simply update your browser.  

Some browser extensions have functionalities that conflict with Swintopia’s. If you’re experiencing issues, try disabling your extensions.  

And if you’re still experiencing issues, try exiting your other browser tabs and windows, and your other applications.  

On an iOS/iPadOS, we recommend using Safari for the best experience (as the Microsoft Edge browser on iOS/ iPadOS can lose your Swintopia game data when you close the Swintopia tab, or close the Edge browser entirely).  

If you’re using a smartphone or tablet, please ensure you’re running iOS version 13 or later, iPad OS 13 or later, or Android 9 or later (if not, please update your software for the best experience).

Swintopia is a big place with a lot of moving parts. If you’re experiencing what feels like a technical issue with the game, don’t fret. It’s most likely we’ve already found it, and we’re working on fixing whatever it is. 

Our best advice is to jump out, give us some time to tweak things, and jump back into Swintopia later. Notice something persistent that isn’t getting fixed? Get in touch here

One thing we’ve learned from previous Open Days is that everyone needs a tote bag to store what they score – study guides, discount vouchers, and the rest.

In Swintopia, your virtual tote does all that and one better; it keeps track of any quests you complete in Swintopia (see your Missions tab). Just remember to hit the Email Tote button to make sure everything you’ve saved and scored can be sent to you when you leave Swintopia.

Still unsure of how it all works? Don’t worry, we’re confident it will all make sense once you jump in.

Sure is. By playing Swintopia and finding the quests (sort of-) hidden within the game, you could win all kinds of things: high-tech solar-powered backpacks that can charge your devices; home assistants in the shape of our campus celebrity, the Latelab pigeon; and memobottles, the elite water bottle co-designed by Swinburne alum Jesse Leeworthy. 

Oh, and did we mention the $20k travel voucher that you can spend any way you want as long as you’re exploring the world? Why not take yourself and five friends to SXSW, the music, film and tech conference held each year in Austin, Texas. Or the Henn na Hotel in Nagasaki, Japan – where 90% of the staff are robots!  

By keeping an eye out for a teleportal that needs fixing, or Lester at the Lost & Found kiosk that needs your help finding his lost items, you’ll go in the running to win some pretty neat prizes. 

But remember: you won’t be in the running to win unless you’ve completed the quest in question. What’s the best way to make sure you’re all set and eligible to win? Take a look at the Missions tab in your virtual tote bag to track your progress, and check the tote bag’s Items tab for tokens.

See the full competition Terms and Conditions.

As long as you’re a resident of Victoria, Australia, you’re eligible to win stuff in Swintopia, including the monthly prize draws and the $20k travel voucher.

There is one sure-fire way to know if you’ve completed a quest in Swintopia and that is by checking your virtual tote bag within the game. If you’ve completed a quest, the Missions tab will show your progress, and the Items tab will hold a token! Once you’ve completed a quest and received a token in your tote bag, you’ll know you’re in the running to win.

Have you been tinkering and pondering and you’re still not sure how to complete your quest and go in the running to win your prize? Well, we’re here to help. 

First things first: $20k to spend travelling the world however you like is no small trophy. That’s why the associated quest – helping to fix the broken teleportal – isn’t exactly what we’d call a walk in the park. It takes a bit of brain power! 

But if you’ve had a few goes and you’re still unsure how it works, or how to wrap it all up, here are some handy hints so you know you’re hot on the trail. Remember, you can always check the Missions tab in your virtual tote bag within the game to check your quest progress.

The teleportal can be found in the After Hours map. You’ll find the missing pieces by exploring the Student Services map, the Study Zone map, and the Campus Neighbours map. Look out for the orange safety cones! Once you’ve collected all the missing pieces, you’ll need to go back to where it all started. Now that the teleportal’s fixed, it may jump to a new location! Track it down and answer three questions to get teleported yourself, and meet Skyler. 

Want to be very sure you’ve completed the quest? Check your tote bag’s Items tab for the 20k gold medal token.

Having trouble completing one – or all – of Lester’s quests from the Lost & Found kiosk? Hints ahoy! 

To find Lester, you’ll need to visit the Student Services map. Chit chat with him to find out what he needs help locating; three important items (the Swintopia versions of the monthly prize giveaways; a memobottle, a solar-powered backpack, and a smart speaker). You’ll find the missing items by visiting the After Hours map (look for the Latelab pigeon) and the Study Zone map (look for Alan Duffy and Jesse Leeworthy). Any lost items you’ve found will appear in your virtual tote bag. All that’s left to do then is return them to Lester at the Lost & Found kiosk where he’ll ask if you want to be in the running to win! Tokens for each of the completed Lost & Found quests will also be found in your virtual tote bag’s Items tab.

Happy hunting! 

We treat your privacy as seriously as we do our own. Swintopia does not store any personally identifiable information on its hosting servers. Your data is transferred and stored securely in a protected and controlled environment within Australia. We will also never share your personal data with third parties.

See more about our full privacy statement.

Swintopia began as an alternative to Open Day when we realised we might not be able to hold an Open Day safely in 2020 (and then again in 2021). 

But this year, we’re going to have it all: Swintopia and Open Day. We’ve already locked in a date for Open Day 2022 – Sunday 31 July, 2022 – and we can’t wait to host you on campus for real. You can stay updated about all of that here on our website. 

In the meantime? Enjoy Swinburne in all its computer-y, talking statue-y glory via Swintopia.

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