Benefits of a short-term exchange 

  • Experience the benefits of an exchange program in a shorter amount of time 
  • Gain skills learning in a cross-cultural environment and experience university in another country 
  • Feel like a local in a new country, make friends from around the world   
  • Continue your academic progress towards your degree, and see the world in the process 
  • Support from Swinburne Abroad and host university staff

How short-term exchange works

A select number of our partner universities around the world offer short-term exchange programs, designed to immerse you in a new learning environment over a convenient 2–6 week time frame. 

The short-term exchange application process is an easy one, but there are a few steps involved. Rather than applying to the host university directly, you’ll apply to Swinburne Abroad first, following the application steps.

Exchange applications, whether semester-long or short-term, require you to be nominated to the partner university first, which Swinburne Abroad takes care of. Our application deadlines fall earlier than the partner university deadlines so that we can manage all of the other steps and administration that happens in between. After you apply to Swinburne Abroad you’ll be guided through the next steps by our team and kept up to date from the moment you apply until you depart. 

Each short-term exchange program varies, but for most programs you’ll be studying one or two classes on-campus at the partner university, immersing yourself in your new city, making friends both local and international, with opportunities for exploring outside of class time. Some short-term exchange programs might even include language classes, or visits to famous cities or landmarks! 

A short-term exchange program will give you an opportunity to gain 12.5 (one full unit) or more of academic credit towards your course, so you’ll be progressing towards your degree and seeing the world in the process!

Funding opportunities


Some short-term exchange programs have scholarships or funding available. These are listed on our Fee Help and Scholarship page.


If you are undertaking a short-term exchange program for academic credit, you may be eligible for an OS-HELP Loan.

The OS-HELP Loan is an Australian Government scheme for Australian students that provides funding for international study experiences. This loan is added to your HECS debt, which you do not have to repay until your income reaches the minimum repayment threshold.

The maximum loan amounts in 2020 are:

  • A$8,295 for destinations in the Asian region
  • A$6,913 for destinations in any other region 

For more information on funding see Fee Help and Scholarships.

Ready to apply?

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