What is HereStay?

HereStay is a home sharing initiative being developed by Swinburne University in partnership with Committee for Melbourne.

There is a lack of affordable student housing. Meanwhile, there are many people living in the area with spare rooms.

HereStay brings the two together through a free service to match students with hosts and provide information and tools to create a successful home sharing experience.

Home sharing can be a rewarding experience. In addition to more affordable living, an added benefit for both students and hosts is companionship and opportunity for new social connection.

Note: International students under 18 years of age must live in either a homestay, on-campus accommodation or with a relative approved by the Department of Home Affairs

How it works

HereStay provides a free matching service to connect students and hosts based on selection criteria.

Hosts let their spare room to students at reasonable or below market rates in exchange for helpful tasks, such as walking the dog and picking up grocery shopping.

Participants are also provided with toolkit with detailed information and instructions to support on how to make your home share a success.

Program aim

The aim is to cultivate a successful and positive experience through a criteria-based matching process, as well as information and tools to support the home share.

The program is currently in a trial period. Participants will be guided through the matching process by the HereStay team and will be provided with instructions, tools and support.

We will also be seeking feedback from participants throughout the year to validate and enhance the program.

Fees, costs and criteria

There are no fees. HereStay is a free matching service.

Rent and living costs will be determined between the student and host during the matching process.

To qualify, students must be attending Swinburne University. Hosts must live in close proximity to the University and provide a private room, access to house amenities and internet.

How to get involved

We are currently recruiting for the pilot program. Register as a student or host, or contact us by email at herestay@swinburne.edu.au. We will be in touch with more information.

Download the HereStay brochure [PDF 2.9MB]

Interested in being a part of HereStay?

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