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"In the 2010 calendar year, 47% of HERD ($3,836 million) was directed towards Applied research, 25% ($2,052 million) to Pure basic research and 20% ($1,653 million) to Strategic basic research" (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2010, Type of activity section, para. 1).

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"As with HERD, New South Wales, Victoria and Queensland accounted for three quarters (75%) of total human resources devoted to R&D in 2010" (ABS, 2010, Type of resource section, para. 2).


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Of the total research and development in higher education in 2010 the largest proportion was spent on applied research (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2010).

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Australian Bureau of Statistics. (2010). Research and experimental development, higher education organisations, Australia, 2010, (Catalogue No. 8111.0). Retrieved from

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