Television or radio transcript

Referencing a television or radio transcript

BroadcasterTitle of segmentName of programFull dateName of speaker
ABC Radio National, ‘Using evidence obtained in search warrants’, The Law Report, 3 Feb­ruary 2015 (Damian Carrick)
  • List the name of the broadcaster first
  • Enclose the title of the segment in single quotation marks
  • Italicise the name of the program
  • List the full date of the program
  • The name of the speaker should be included unless it is otherwise apparent and is in parentheses
  • A URL may be included after the speaker’s name where the transcript is available online
  • The web address (URL) should be enclosed within ‘< >’ symbols.
Example with a URL

ABC Radio National, ‘Using evidence obtained in search warrants’, The Law Report, 3 February 2015, (Damian Carrick) <