Journal article with single author

Referencing a journal article with a single author

AuthorTitleYearVol. & issueJournalPage
Dan Meagher, ‘Digital Sampling/Remix Culture Forum’ (2012) 17(2) Deakin Law Review, 307
  • The name of the author appears first
  • The title appears within single quotation marks (un-italicised)
  • The year appears in parentheses
  • For journals organised by number, the volume number should follow the year
  • The full title of the journal as appears on the title page should appear in italics
  • Do not use abbreviations for titles (use ‘Australian Law Review’ not ALR).
Entry in bibliography

When the citation appears in a bibliography, list the surname first. Sources should be listed in alphabetical order by surname.

Meagher, Dan, ‘Digital Sampling/Remix Culture Forum’ (2012) 17(2) Deakin Law Review, 307