Journal article with multiple authors

Referencing a journal article with multiple authors

Two authorsTitleYearVol. & issueJournalPage
Samantha Joseph and Erin Mackay, ‘Moral Rights and Indigenous Communities’ (2006) 3 Art and Law, 6
  • When citing the names of the authors should, they should appear as they exactly do in the source material
  • If there is more than three authors, list the first named author followed by ‘et al’
  • The title appears within single quotation marks (un-italicised)
  • The full title of the journal should appear as it does on the title page in italics.
Three or more authors

Benjamin Hayward, John Morss and Oscar Roos, ‘Beyond the Separation of Powers: Judicial Review and the Regulatory Proscription of Terrorist Organisations’ (2010) 35(1) University of Western Australia Law Review, 81

Four or more authors

Gary Edmond et al, ‘Law’s Looking Glass: Expert Identification Evidence Derived from Photographic and Video Images’ (2009) 20 Current Issues in Criminal Justice, 337