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We called in a few favours with the experts we know, and we got them together to talk about the topics that matter right now. Oh, you missed them!? Good thing we recorded them, hey? 

  • Recession-proof careers

    Our panel of experts discuss the future of the workforce. What are recession-proof careers, do they really exist, and which courses have the kinds of solid career outcomes we can count on in a crisis?


    Our experts discuss the world’s response to this global pandemic – what worked, what didn’t, and where our tech strained to keep up. We’ll talk about the demand for new skillsets in new fields, and what that means for our careers moving forward.


    Our host and panel discuss how we’ll shape our cities for burgeoning populations and a sustainable future. 


    Join us as our host and panel discuss how government subsidies, scholarships, grants and more can all help you get to uni. 

Livin' on a prayer

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Absolutely, we’re just doing things remotely right now. If you’re studying a degree, we’re breaking your lectures up into digestible videos so you’re free to study them at any time you like. We’re using Canvas – our remote learning tool – to deliver everything from group discussions to readings and more. Even practical classes are being brought to you in your home, with the help of online simulations and virtual experience programmes. 

We’re planning a careful, staged and flexible transition back to campus. The health, safety and wellbeing of our students and staff is our top priority.

Our libraries and Latelabs are currently operating on reduced hours with essential services at the libraries available by appointment only. Some face-to-face operations will resume from 22 June, including the opening of some study spaces.

Follow the latest on our transition to campus on our site – or, the fun way via insta.

You know that whole global pandemic thing? Yeah. That. So, we decided … out with Open Day … and in with Swintopia. We took the uni, pixelised the heck out of it, put in a few missions, added course info and a few goodies for your (virtual) tote bag. Jump into Swintopia now.

If you’re concerned about being able to afford uni, we recently convened an expert panel who answered questions from people just like you on this topic. Watch it here. And for more info, read this article about Studying in the Time of Corona

The Australian government can provide income support if you’re studying – and you’re eligible – and due to COVID-19, payments have been increased by $550 a fortnight. Find out more here.

We also recommend reading our article, Livin’ on a Prayer, which includes lots of tips and tricks for making university affordable, including help with fees and financial aid. 

You could qualify for Austudy, ABSTUDY or Youth Allowance and receive the extra $550 fortnightly coronavirus supplement on top of that.

For advice on courses and enrolment, please book a virtual one-on-one with a course expert.

And, if you need help right now, we’re here, contact us

So you’re ready to apply!

Are you a postgrad or international student? A school leaver? Or someone who’s returning to study or switching to Swinburne? The quickest, easiest way is to apply directly through us. You can do this anytime and better yet, there’s no fee.

Need a bit of help? Head to our Apply page

Free TAFE is a Victorian Government initiative that pays your tuition fees for courses that lead to the kinds of jobs that’ll be most needed when all of this is over.

Many Free TAFE courses take less than – or up to – a year to complete (they’re a quick way to pivot your career).

While some courses are currently full, we’ll have a number of intakes this year, and it’s a good idea to get in and secure your place early. See what Swinburne offers.

Still unsure? Check out our handy Free TAFE explainer.

Good question. If you completed Year 12 last year, you can now apply directly to Swinburne.  

Well done! Now all that’s left is for you to accept your offer and enrol to secure your place with us. After that, head to our Welcome page for tips on getting started at Swinburne. 

Uni is all about achieving – and exceeding – your potential. A Swinburne scholarship might be just the thing to help you do that. Scholarships come in all shapes and sizes: for academic achievement, to assist with financial hardship or to help when you need to relocate.

Take a look at all the scholarships we offer at Swinburne and see the conditions here.

For more info on other kinds of financial assistance, we provide, read our article Livin’ on a Prayer or check out our Help With Fees web session and find out about all the things the government and Swinburne are doing to help you make study a reality. 

If you’ve done work experience or training and you think you’ve acquired some of the skills you’ll learn in your chosen course, you could be eligible for Recognition of Prior Learning. If you’re recognised, you could earn credit towards your qualification before you even start uni. It also means you could finish your course sooner!

Balancing work, life, and study can be a lot. The good news? Many of our courses and class times run to different schedules including daytime, night-time and even on weekends.

And with learning remotely for the next little while, making your timetable fit your life (and not the other way around) is easier than ever.

At Swinburne, we give you your timetable as soon as you’re enrolled, so there’s plenty of time to tailor it to your needs. Be sure to enrol nice and early after you’ve received an offer.

We’ve also partnered with Studiosity to give students 24/7 academic support, so if you’re enrolled in a degree program, your academic support and feedback won’t be all over the place – even when your hours are.

If you need help with applying or want advice, book a virtual one-one-one

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