Faculty of Health, Arts and Design

Department of Health and Medical Sciences

Department staff

Head of department

Name Position Contact Location
Joanne Williams

Academic staff

Name Position Contact Location
Dr Joshua Luke Ameliorate Lecturer, Clinical Anatomy, Biomedical Sciences Discipline Lead
SPW Level 2
Dr Harry Banyard Lecturer
Associate Professor Amanda Benson Course Director Exercise and Sport Science; Deputy Department Chair
SPW 220
Mr Ray Breed Lecturer of Exercise and Sport Science
Dr Donny Camera
Dr Matthew Cooke Senior Lecturer
Associate Professor Jason Howitt Research Director
Dr Carol Hullin Senior Lecturer Digital Health
Buidling SPW
Professor Tom Johnstone Director of Neuroimaging
Dr Jonathan Kingsley Lecturer, Health Communication
12 Wakefield Street (Swinburne Place West)
Dr Faith Kwa Senior Lecturer and Course Director
SPW Level 2
Dr Alireza Lajevardipour Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Annie Lassemillante Lecturer in Dietetics
Dr Charmaine Lloyd Lecturer
Dr Nicolene Lottering Senior Lecturer in Digital Anatomy
Professor Rachael McDonald Department Chair-Health & Medical Sciences
Mr Ranjit Gajendra Nadarajah Strategic Research, Programs and Partnerships
Dr Kris Nilsen
Dr Dominic Orth Lecturer Motor Learning and Control
Lucy Parrington Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Dr Myrla Reis Sales Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr Mark Schier Senior Lecturer in Physiology
David Simpson Lecturer
Dr David Sly Senior Lecturer Clinical Technologies and Neuroscience
SPW 221
Dr Oren Tirosh Senior Lecturer in Biomechanics
Zoltan Vilagosh Adjunct
Carrie Wong Lecturer Nutrition and Dietetics
Professor Andrew Wood Professor of Biophysics
ATC 932
Dr Sam Wu Lecturer in Exercise Science