Faculty of Health, Arts and Design

Department of Biomedical and Health Sciences


The Department of Biomedical and Health Sciences teaches courses that combine strong theoretical foundations with a practical real-world focus. Our graduates gain the specialised skills required to assist and improve the wellbeing of communities and groups across Australia and the world – and make a real difference.

Students examine the physical, psychological and social aspects of health in a variety of settings. These could include educating remote communities in the principles of health, applying psychology to sporting teams, creating policies and laws to support health choices, or providing advice on food safety for communities and the food industry.

Professional recognition

Students and graduates of the health science discipline areas may be eligible to apply for membership to a wide range of  professional associations depending on their career interests and graduate expertise. These include the Australian Health Promotion AssociationExercise and Sports Science AustraliaNutrition Society of Australia and Environmental Health Professionals Association.

The Bachelor of Health Science (Public and Environmental Health) degree is accredited by Environmental Health Australia, qualifying graduates to work in Environmental Health Officer roles.