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Professor Andrew W Wood

Chair, Department of Health and Medical Sciences
BSc (Hons) (Bristol Univ, UK), MSc (Univ of East Anglia, UK), PhD (Univ of London, UK)
  • Faculty of Health, Arts and Design
  • School of Health Sciences
  • Department of Biomedical and Health Sciences
  • Office: 6L 210


Research Director, Australian Centre for Electromagnetic Bioeffects Research (NHMRC Centre for Research Excellence in Electromagnetic Energy) Attached to Brain and Psychological Sciences Research Centre


  • Biomedical Science/Engineering: Cellular Biophysics
  • Cardiovascular and renal biophysics
  • Aspects of medical imaging
  • Physiological control mechanisms
  • Emerging medical technologies

Research interests

  • Investigation of possible health effects associated with Non-ionising Radiation (NIR: principally electrical power frequency electric and magnetic fields (EMF) and mobile telephony electromagnetic radiation (EMR).
  • Calcium signalling in brain cells
  • Blood-brain barrier permeability
  • mathematical modelling of radiofrequency absorption in biological tissue

Publications include

  • Wood, AW (2012). Physiology, Biophysics and Biomedical Engineering. CRC Press/Taylor & Francis, Boca Raton, FL, USA/Oxford UK. (782 pp, general editorship plus 17 individual chapters). (ISBN 9781420065138).
  • Wood AW (2012): Bioelectromagnetism. In Z Abu-Faraj (Ed): Handbook of Research on Biomedical Engineering Education and Advanced Bioengineering Learning: Interdisciplinary Concepts (Two-Volume Set). IGI-Global, Hershey, PA, USA, pp 152-197 (ISBN 9781466601222)
  • McIntosh RL, Deppeler L, Oliva M, Parente J, Tambuwala F, Turner S, Winship D, Wood AW. (2010) Comparison of radiofrequency exposure of a mouse dam and foetuses at 900 MHz. Phys Med Biol 55: N111-22
  • Chen, Y.Y., Wood, A.W. (2009) Application of a temperature-dependent fluorescent dye (Rhodamine B) to the measurement of radiofrequency radiation-induced temperature changes in biological samples. Bioelectromagnetics 30: 583-90
  • Wood, A.W. (2008) Extremely low frequency (ELF) electric and magnetic field exposure limits: Rationale for basic restrictions used in the development of an Australian standard. Bioelectromagnetics 29:414-428
  • Croft, R.J., Hamblin, D.L., Spong, J.,Wood, A.W., McKenzie, R.J., Stough, C. (2008) The effect of mobile phone electromagnetic fields on the alpha rhythm of human electroencephalogram. Bioelectromagnetics. 29:1-10

Professional association memberships

  • Fellow, Australasian College of Physical Scientists and Engineers in Medicine
  • Institute of Physics (UK)

Awards and grants

  • Research Director/Investigator with Centre for Research Excellence in Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Energy. NHMRC APP1042464 $2,499,200 for 5 years (Consortium involving Wollongong, Swinburne, RMIT, Institute for Medical and Veterinary Science, Adelaide, Victor Chang Institute, Sydney & University of Auckland (2012 � 2018)
  • . Thermal and possible non-thermal effects of radiofrequency radiation on brain tissue. NHMRC # 559309 Strategic Reserve Fund. $236,300 for 3 years (2009-20011)
  • Research Director/Investigator with Centre for Research Excellence in Radiofrequency Electromagnetic Energy. NHMRC # 264439 $2,499,200 for 5 years with 1 year extension of $130,000 (Consortium involving RMIT, Swinburne, Monash, Institute for Medical and Veterinary Science, Adelaide & Telstra Research Laboratory (2004 � 2008).
  • Chief Investigator (with others from RMIT, Melbourne Uni). Multi-functional microscopy laboratory. ARC LIEF. $110,000 (2005)
  • Wood, A., Stough, C.K.K. Human Physiological Responses to Exposure to Mobile Phone-Type Radiation. NHMRC # 154905 Strategic Reserve Fund. $213,600 for 3 years (2001-2003, extended)
  • Wood, A., Wallace, J.G. The role of calcium signalling within neuronal-associated glial cells and its relationship to endothelial cells. Swinburne Chancellor's Strategic Initiatives Fund. $210,000 for 3 years (2000 � 2002, extended)

Other projects

  • Member, Scientific Expert Group, International Commission on Non-ionising Radiation (ICNIRP)
  • Treasurer & Board Member, Bioelectromagnetics Society
  • Associate Editor, Bioelectromagnetics

Consultant Activities

  • Former Short-term consultant/temporary advisor, World Health Organisation