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Health and Ageing Research Group

The Health and Ageing Research Group employs a multidisciplinary approach to find new and innovative ways of enhancing the lives of older people and their carers, families and communities, across a range of physical, social, economic, and cultural settings.

Australia’s population is ageing at an unprecedented rate. The number of Australians over the age of 65 is anticipated to increase by more than 80 per cent, to 5.7 million by 2031. Life expectancy in Australia has risen to its highest level on record and is among the top in the world.

The challenge for Australia is to ensure that our ageing population can age well. Poor health does not need to be a limiting factor for older populations, and functional decline and many chronic diseases can be prevented or delayed through healthy behaviours and timely interventions.

The group joined Swinburne in 2018 and aspires to understand the needs of older Australians, define the factors that result in healthy ageing, and understand the elements that maintain functional capability as we age. Our role is to conduct the highest quality research and translate findings into changes in policy and practice that improve the health and wellbeing of older Australians. Through research, we aim to improve quality of life, promote active living and improve social connection – all factors that enhance the ability of older people to age well. 

Our goals and objectives

The goals and objectives of the Health and Ageing Research Group are to:

  • make an outstanding and novel contribution to the field of ageing research
  • influence policy and practice
  • be recognised for our research excellence, including publications in high-quality research outlets
  • secure significant Category 1 research funding
  • collaborate and partner with the best national and international researchers and institutions
  • build and maintain a strong and engaged team
  • be an exemplary model for how a research group should operate.

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