Mandala Student Achievement Award

The Mandala Student Achievement Award supports students studying law who are experiencing hardship.

The award from Sharpe & Abel is made in conjunction with artist Ms Wirat Sukprem and her partner, Dr Alexander Gosling. Sharpe & Abel are lawyers and strategists to people who make and deliver things that matter — they love working with technical industries including manufacturing, HVAC, fire and security and engineering.

Ms Sukprem is an accomplished mandala painter and has produced 52 mandala paintings in total. At her inaugural exhibition, she kindly offered Andrew and Melissa Kirby, the founders of Sharpe & Abel, a Mandala painting as a gift.

Andrew and Melissa wanted to demonstrate their gratitude for this generous gift. Given that mandalas are used as an aid in meditation they decided to set up an award at Swinburne to support students in need.

The Award is given to a Swinburne Law School student who, in the face of hardship, has kept up with their studies. Melissa and Andrew hope that the mandala prize will bring the recipients peace as well as practical assistance.

Donate to the Mandala Student Achievement Award

Gifts can be made through Swinburne's online giving portal by selecting the ‘Mandala Student Achievement Award' or by contacting Michelle Macgregor Owen, Director of University Advancement on +61 3 9214 4768.


Felicity, Student Achievement Award recipient

Receiving this award has helped me both financially and mentally

Felicity, Student Achievement Award recipient