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Research is about big ideas and finding solutions to the big problems that face our society.

At Swinburne we attract world-class minds. We offer our research students, our research staff and our collaborators the opportunity to participate in world-changing projects. We are keen to invest in these projects and in excellent research facilities to support these activities.

We keep our research focused so we can deliver big results. We operate in niche and developing markets and we have a reputation for innovation and excellence in applied research. Swinburne prides itself on its collaboration with local and international industry. Our research innovation, collaboration and excellence often results in the commercialisation of new ideas and products.

We’re committed to a sustainable future. We strive to make our research activities ecologically sound, socially just and economically viable. This ensures that they will continue to be so for future generations to come. We incorporate sustainability principles into our research and into our engagement with industry and the community.

Research projects are taking place within every faculty. You may choose to support the research of a particular faculty or to support a particular project that you know of.

Professor Aleksandar Subic, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Development)

Your support allows us to work on research that can change the world

Professor Aleksandar Subic, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Development)