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Endowment fund

Swinburne’s endowment fund

Building Swinburne’s endowment fund is important for the long-term future of the university. A healthy endowment fund can provide:

  • regular funding levels for departments and programs
  • financial support for students to cover fees, living expenses, text books and more
  • freedom and flexibility to embark on new disciplines, research and scholarship
  • an opportunity for donors to create a lasting legacy and support Swinburne into the future.

For more than 100 years, Swinburne has been providing opportunity and excellence in education and research. For the next 100 years and into the future, we will continue to provide high-quality teaching and research programs. Endowments help to ensure that adequate provision is made for our students, faculty and facilities of today and tomorrow.

What is an endowment?

An endowment is a restricted fund under management. It is made up of gifts and bequests that are subject to a requirement that the principal be maintained intact and invested to create a source of income (interest). Interest from the fund can then be used to fund priority university programs.

Endowments can be created in perpetuity, or for a defined period of time, or until sufficient assets have been accumulated to achieve a designated purpose.

Donor advised sub-fund

You may wish to consider creating a donor advised sub-fund:

  • a named endowment to honour a family member, an influential lecturer, professor, or mentor
  • to create a personal legacy.

Sub-funds can be created for gifts over $20,000.

Contact our Philanthropy team on +61 3 9214 5376 to discuss.

Fund management

Currently, donor advised sub-funds are invested in Swinburne's consolidated endowment fund which combines assets for investment purposes. Each donor advised sub-fund retains its own purpose and account (project code), by which Swinburne’s Treasury team can track the performance of the principal and distributions.

Tax deductibility

Swinburne University of Technology is endorsed by the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) as a deductible gift recipient for income tax purposes. This means all gifts of $2 or more (made within Australia) to Swinburne are fully tax deductible.

Mr Graham Goldsmith, fourth Chancellor of Swinburne (2014-2019)

Building an endowment fund ensures long-term strength and stability

Mr Graham Goldsmith, fourth Chancellor of Swinburne (2014-2019)